Amazon Global Selling Vietnam announces its participation in the Vietnam International Trade Fair 2022

Amazon Global Selling Vietnam announces its participation in the Vietnam International Trade Fair 2022 (Vietnam Expo 2022) in Ho Chi Minh city  from December 01 to 03, 2022 at Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC). Amazon, as an exhibitor of the event, continue its endeavor to heighten Vietnamese business’ competency in international trade through cross-border e-commerce.

During 3-day exhibition, Amazon Global Selling Vietnam presents the rising trend of cross-border e-commerce globally and the positive movement of local businesses capturing this opportunity. This is also a chance for Vietnamese brand owners, manufacturers, entrepreneurs to glean information, insights, educational resources and consulting from Amazon Global Selling experts to expand or grow their bussiness with cross-border e-commerce. Besides, series of “Proud of Vietnam Go Global” brands will also be featured and introduced to exhibition visitors, thereby encourage them to join hand with Amazon to build their international brands and put their footprint on global map.

Mr. Gijae Seong, Head of Amazon Global Selling Vietnam, shared: “We have joined Vietnam Expo many times in Hanoi but this is our first time to show up at Vietnam Expo in Ho Chi Minh city. We are very pleased to be a part of this reputable trade fair to contribute to the promotion of national trade, while speed up the digital transformation and impulse the the development of digital economy in Vietnam. It is our desire to become long-term partner of Vietnamese SMEs on their “go global” journey, help them to achieve global expansion and  accelerate local businesses’ success”.

Series of workshop and 1:1 consultancy provided by Amazon Global Selling experts to help pre-registered and walk-in visitors learn about Cross-border e-commerce as the new foreign trade format and how Amazon helps Vietnamese businesses sail to the world and achieve success of building global brands by utilizing the global resources , tools and solutions from Amazon.


Cross-border e-commerce & Selling on Amazon Handbook: A guidebook to provide an overview about cross-border e-commerce trend, knowledge, and updates for domestic brands to adopt available supports from Amazon while giving them chances of networking and business matching.


Honor “Dare to dream big” spirit with the stories of top Vietnamese businesses on Amazon such as SunHouse, AnEco, Lafooco, ChicnChill. They are among thousands of Vietnamese sellers who have haboured a big dream to reach out to global market and chose Amazon as a trusted partner on that online export journey. Not only did they achieve significant growth on sales thanks to cross-border e-commerce, but also successfully fullfill their mission on bringing “made-in-Vietnam to global map”.


And also at this exhibition, Royal helmet brand was also honored to join the list of businesses with outstanding growth on amazon along with big brands such as SunHouse, AnEco, Lafooco, ChicnChill…


We believe that in the flat world and the strong shift of business types through e-commerce, the amazon channel is the best way for us to bring the Vietnamese helmet brand everywhere.


Royal Helmet.