Royal helmet at Jakarta Helmet Exhibition (JHE) 9/2022

On September 24-25, the Jakarta Helmet Exhibition (JHE) 2022 helmet exhibition took place at FX Sudirman mall, Jakarta capital. Indonesia, this is an international helmet exhibition with a large scale, bringing together many leading brands in the region, Asean.

The helmet brands of Mafa Vietnam Company, a subsidiary of Asia International Group, came to this event by introducing the group’s leading hat products at the event, including brands. prestigious and highly appreciated by users such as, Royal, Roc…

At this exhibition, the stall of Asian hat brands welcomed hundreds of visitors to visit and learn, here, customers expressed their interest and appreciation for the designs and designs. the group’s professionalism as well as hope to open up many cooperation opportunities,

As for Asia, this is also one of a series of trading activities to connect and introduce with the desire to bring the hat brand to international friends with the mission, for everyone’s safety.